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Thu, Jul. 28th, 2005, 04:24 pm
"The way of the future. The way of the future. The way of the future. The way of the future."

This entry's title comes from The Aviator. It was okay but way too long.

As summer begins to wind down, I've realized that I haven't achieved my goal: get a new car. I've been wanting to get one for a while now, but I have finally convinced my dad that my good old Land Rover is ready to expire. It's been sitting in the driveway since June. This summer was supposed to be hella fun, but I did shit without a car. I hate to rely on others for a ride. I'm sorry, but I'm the best driver ever. One year with my license and the closest thing to an accident was my dad backing up into the Rover with the car. I wasn't even in it. Any way, why can't I get a new car? In the past 3 weeks, I know four people who have gotten one. Ruggy got a new Buick, Marie got a Montego, Mary Ann got a Range Rover Sport, and today, Adam got a truck. Am I jealous? Hell yeah. The reason is that these four people didn't need a new car. They just wanted one. With the exception that my dad needed a truck, it's still Adam's. He fucking has two vehicles now. My older brother, two vehicles. I don't even have one working one. So that's why I'm a little down. Four people I know bought vehicles on an impulse while I've been searching for about a year now. There is some good news. When I went with Ruggy to get his Buick, he said he was changing his will so that Adam would no longer be receiving his car when he dies. I was so happy. I thought, Adam already has a working car (two now) and doesn't need another one. He said that since I told him about these Buicks, that I should get it instead of Adam. More good news is that the Land Rover is scheduled for service on the 16th. I want to go up with Ruggy beforehand to find out where it is. More good news is dad said that there is a good chance we'll trade it in on the 16th! Too bad summer will be over by then.