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Sat, Nov. 13th, 2004, 08:07 am
Hey John Kerry, why the long face?

Since I have nothing else to do, I've decided to update while I am downloading some songs and Christmas shopping.

Yesterday was quite eventful. Adam needed picked up at Duquesne at 6 and Ruggy had an appointment at the hospital at 3.

Ruggy was here at 10. We were to meet my dad at somebody's house (Franz [interior decorator] is remodeling their kitchen [I don't know why my dad had to go]). So we get there at wait for about 10 minutes. Dad wasn't ready, so Ruggy and I went to pick up his shoes at Delagatti's. From there, we went there to get my dad, and then it was off to Pittsburgh.

We first stopped at Tuesday Morning's. Ruggy needed sheets for his bed.

After that, we went to Linguini's to eat. They have the best Italian food (even better than Olive Garden's). I ate too much there.

Let's see. After that, we went to... Sam's Club. We needed a few things. I forgot to get my Red Bulls.

From there, we took Ruggy to the hospital. While he was there, Dad and I went to some sort of auction at the University Club.

We picked up Ruggy and we to Linder's in McKees Rocks. I've been trying to get Ruggy to dump his furniture, but no such luck. They didn't really have anything left after their big sale.

Dad and Ruggy wanted to go to Station Square, but I procrastinated (since I didn't feel like walking around in the cold), so we went to Saks. I saw a nice Lacoste hoodie for $165 but I couldn't get it since I just spent $700 on the Land Rover.

We got Adam and came home and went to Sherwood's to eat. That's about it for my day.

Today, I plan on having Janelle over to help with the website. I don't know about going to FFOA today.

P.S. Does anyone else like The Killers? I love their music.

Sat, Nov. 13th, 2004 01:44 pm (UTC)

hey nolan! yeah, i like the killers too. oh yeah, i dont know if you had my old e-mail, but i got a new one. steph_yenwod@yahoo.com
now yah have it! =)
keep in touch!
p.s. are we on for the spongebob movie next friday? lemme know.

Sat, Nov. 13th, 2004 05:23 pm (UTC)

The Killers rule. I was thinking about going to go see them. It's either that, or The Starting Line the day after. Me & Lindsay sing The Killers all the time.