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Sun, Apr. 17th, 2005, 05:12 pm
Thank you for ruining everything I have ever loved!

I am bored as hell so I'm updating.

Prom is this weekend. I'm excited. It should be hella fun. Kaylee and I are going to be the sexiest couple there. Wait. We already are. What's ironic is that we're going so informal, but we are going to arrive in the nicest car. I can't say what. I'm keepin' it on the DL (down low for all of you losers who don't know what "DL" stands for. Gosh.).

So much homework. I can't stand it. I just finished my second draft for Miss Dillon. I didn't think I would like doing it, but it's okay. I love my last essay about the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. I got a 3.8/4 on that bitches.

What a shitty weekend it has been. I wasted my whole Saturday doing useless shit. A bird flew into our window and shattered it so I vacuumed and picked up shards for an hour or so. That was fun.

I've added more pictures on webshots.

Has anyone seen the Adidas commercial with Karen O. singing on it? The songs real good. Download it. "Hello Tomorrow".

I guess I'll update after prom...

"Vin Diesel has always been able to find Waldo, except for one time. He found himself stumped on the last page of Where's Waldo Now?, not being able to find the Waldo without a shoe. He threw the book down and screamed, "This is BULLSHIT!" They're all wearing shoes." He then proceeded to eat the book and exclaim, "IF I CAN'T FIND WALDO, THEN NO ONE CAN!" The book he ate belonged to a child that he had borrowed it from. The child began to cry and Vin ate him for good measure. The incident has since been refered to as Christmas."

Mon, Apr. 18th, 2005 01:36 am (UTC)

what kind of car are you pulling up in??

Tue, Apr. 19th, 2005 08:45 pm (UTC)

thats awesome